Diagnosis of Dynamics CRM

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While signing up for Dynamics 365, it prompts you to select your region. Based on your selected region, it automatically chooses your data center. A data center is where the application software and customer data running on the software are located. Region and Data Center are shown here in a very interactive way.

Please note the number shown here, to know your Data Center. Read more here.

  • South America (LATAM/SAM) = .crm2.dynamics.com
  • Canada (CAN) = .crm3.dynamics.com
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) = .crm4.dynamics.com
  • Asia Pacific (APAC) = *.crm5.dynamics.com
  • Australia (OCE) = *.crm6.dynamics.com
  • Japan (JPN) = *.crm7.dynamics.com
  • India (IND) = *.crm8.dynamics.com
  • United Kingdom (UK) = *.crm11.dynamics.com

So we need to be careful about selecting our region. It got to be the nearest from your maximum users are located. Total Time taken by data to reach the user from the data center is known as Latency and good to have the least latency.

Now the big question is how to measure your latency? 43198f547174c79b99083ba332b23a5d_400x400


Don’t worry Microsoft has the solution for this…

Open this link in your browser https://<Your_Dynamics_URL>/tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx 

  1. Replace the only green part with your URL.
  2. It may ask you to log in.

Just by doing this, you will get this screen. Click on the Run button and you are done … Yayyyy…



And here is what you get in Diagnostic Report.

As per Microsoft recommendation, above 150 ms of latency, the system may behave very slow and low on performance.


Hope this gives you head start for diagnostics of Dynamics …


Happy Dynamics’ing !!!


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