How to register a workflow activity using the Plug-in Registration tool in Dynamics CRM Online

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This example demonstrate how to register/configure a workflows by using the Plug-in Registration tool. This tool is provided in Microsoft SDK.

Please follow below steps for Registration

  1. Browse the Registration tool provided in SDK folder i.e. “\SDK\Tools\PluginRegistration”, then Run the Plug-in Registration tool
  2. Click on “CREATE NEW CONNECTION” button.
  3. In the login dialog, select the deployment type radio button related to the environment i.e. Dynamics 365 server you intend to register plug-ins or workflows with.

    1P. Login Window
  4. After successful authentication it will be redirected to applications main window.

    2P. Application Main Window
  5. Then click on the Register button to register, i.e. using Register ==> Register New Assembly ==>

    3P. Register Assembly Window
  6. Browse the assembly project using browse button and then register button (Now the tricky part, how you are going to register the workflow or Plug-in there is no button to register the same. Click on first browse box ==> (Shift + Tab) ==> (Shift + Tab) ==> Hit the Enter button and That’s it 🙂 )
  7. After successful registration, registered assembly will look like

    4P. Application Window (After Successful Registration)

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