How to show the time stamp of Last Phone activity for an entity?

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Problem Statement –

In one of the last assignments, I was asked to show the time of Last Phone activity for an entity. Like this – Here Last Phone Column shows the recent Phone activity only, If there is any other type of activity, it will not show up here.



Solution –

For the purpose of illustration, here I will be implementing this functionality from scratch so I will create a new entity.

Step # 1 – Enable Activities and Notes for the entity as shown here.


Step # 2 – Now Add a new Process as shown below –


It involves the following steps –

  1. Name the process
  2. Activate as Process
  3. Entity will be Phone Call (Most important point to notice)
  4. Set the Category
  5. Now from Add Step -> Check Condition and set the condition you want
  6. Now from Add Step -> Update Records
  7. Select the entity you want
  8. Click on Set Properties

It will open up this page.

Step # 3 – Now the identify  your field to be updated (in my case it is the Last Phone), as shown here


Step # 4 – Save the changes, Activate the process and publish the solution. You will get the expected output. Don’t forget to add this new field to your view.

Hope this helps someone…


Happy Dynamics’ing !!!



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