Early Vs Late binding in Dynamics CRM

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While working on plugins and custom workflow, We encounter a problem that we need extract data from existing and custom entity. There are two ways to do this job one is Early binding and another is late binding. Let’s see how we can do that.

  1. Early Binding
  2. Late Binding

Early Binding 

By Early binding, we mean that we generate domain class objects first and then assign data to these domains class objects is known as Early Binding.

How to generate Entities.cs class using XRM Tool

Download XRM Tool Box. http://www.xrmtoolbox.com/

Connect to CRM Connection.


Go to EarlyBoundGenerator


If Not installed please install from plugin store.

Just click Create Entities


Once entities are created you need to push this file into your workspace. Once added they can be used to initialize that entity and pass data in that entity object.

Late Binding in dynamic CRM

No need to generate helper classes and at runtime all type checking will be done operations and type checking will be performed at run time itself.



You can find further code at following location


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