Manage Dynamics CRM Web Resources from Visual Studio

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Being from Visual Studio Programming development, we always look to enjoy the luxury of IntelliSense, color coding, better programmer support etc and above all version control. If we continue programming inside Dynamics CRM it will be very uninteresting and dull without Visual Studio amazing features. (in my opinion)

How to do that?

  1. First of all, download this Dynamics CRM & 365 Developer Extensions from here. Its all features are mentioned on that page so I am going to focus on Web Resource (JavaScript) only.


2. Save and double-click to install it.

3. Open Visual Studio 2015 and Create New Project. You can see New template as shown in below image. Give this a proper name. Note – Solution name here has nothing to do with your Dynamics CRM solution name, so feel free to use any name.Capture3

4. Now open Web Resource Deployer. (Steps – Right Click on Project (1) -> CRM Developer Extensions (2) -> Web Resource Deployer (3))


5. This will open up this screen.


6. Click on this (+) (1) to add the connection to your Dynamics CRM and key in the required values as shown below.


7. Now add a New Javascript file to project (1)-> Click on (+) (2) -> Select Filename from File drop down in opened pop up (3) -> Create (3) -> It will be shown in list (4)



8. Step # 3, above will add a web resource as shown below.


9. Now Add this Web resource to your form. Open your Form Editor -> Click on Form Properties -> Attach function and control event as per your requirement.


10. Now write your validation rules or your functionality and Just click to Publish to CRM button (as shown below in red box) to directly publish. Once you publish from here, No need to publish the same from Dynamics CRM. (Point # 5 in Step 7 image)


What is Next …

Now you can configure and manage your code in TFS or GIT from here only along with other luxuries of Visual Studio.


Happy Dynamics’ing !!!



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