Customize Sub-Grid Columns in Form

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I need to show some additional columns in sub-grid on the form as below


Required Output


but by default, it offers some columns only like this


Default Output


To achieve the required data here is step by step approach

Step#1 – Add a sub-grid to your form.


Step#2 –Double-click on this to open Properties page. On this pop-up Set Name (#1), type/change label (#2), Select Entity (#3) and click on New button (#4). It will open up a new screen to create a custom view.


Step#3 –  Now gain Set a new name for a view (#1 e.g. My Custom View), Select columns (#2 & #3), Re-order them (#4) and click Ok and then Save and Close.


Step#4 – Now select the created view (#1 e.g. – My Custom View) and click OK (#2)


Step#5 – Save and Publish the form. Go to your form and you will find the required output as above.

Hope this is useful.


Happy Dynamics’ing !!!



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