Scribe Integration with Dynamics CRM using scribe online.

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Scribe is an EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) tool. Integration tools are those tools which will integrate and manage various cloud and on-premises applications over this tool.

Scribe is one of that integration tool. We are working on dynamic CRM so we will be more concentrating more on dynamic CRM and SQL SERVER.

In this Demonstration, we will be integrating scribe online and scribe Insight with dynamic CRM. The demo will also be concentrating on Integration Services and Replication Services.

Scribe Concepts and Definitions 


  • A Solution is a set of user-specified configuration options that Scribe Online uses to perform a specific task, such as replicating or integrating entities or fields from a source data store to a target datastore.


  • A Map is a visual representation of instructions needed to integrate your data. Sets of one or more Scribe Online Maps are used in Integration and Migration Solutions to retrieve and manipulate data.


  • The Scribe Online Agent facilitates communication between the data sources used by a Solution. It provides secure communications to Scribe Online without opening security holes in your corporate firewall. An Agent is required to communicate with both your source and target data, and with Scribe Online in the cloud.

There are two types of Agents available:

  • An On-Premise Agent-This Agent is installed on a computer at your site.  You can install multiple On-Premise Agents on a single computer.
  • A Cloud Agent-This Agent resides in the cloud.  Only one Cloud Agent can be provisioned per organization.

Scribe Concepts Online

Adding Dynamic Connection in Scribe

First, you need to Install Connector from Market Place

Scribe Concepts Online

Go to connections tab

Scribe Concepts Online

Click on Add Connection which will be having a + sign on Right-hand side

Connector Type Microsoft 365
Deployment Online/ On Premises
CRM Online URL
User ID Admin User Id
Password Admin Password
Organization Settings –> Customization –> Developer Resources

Scribe Concepts Online

Integration can be done in three ways


2.Integration Event


Scribe Concepts Online

In Demonstration, we will be working on Integration Event. Click on Integration Event. Fill on the details.

Scribe Concepts Online

Add Maps we will be working (Request-Reply Map)

Scribe Concepts Online

Scribe Concepts Online.PNG

Click on Wait for request and drag and drop on the workbench and create a request

Scribe Concepts Online

Now since we will be inserting data into Active accounts select an Entity you can select any other entity if you want.

Scribe Concepts Online

Enter the matching Criteria means to update a record if a matching criterion is found else insert a new record.

Next task is to Map the fields

Scribe Concepts Online

Click on validate so that if there are any errors they will be highlighted.

Next task is to Transform drag and drop build reply and add to workbench

Scribe Concepts Online

Click on validate so that you can check that if there are any errors.

Now once the request has been build drag and drop send a reply and validate the entire Map. Once Enabled than an endpoint URL is generated which you can find at Wait for the request .

Scribe Concepts Online

After that, you need to provide security to this API from security tab

Scribe Concepts Online

Now it’s time to test the API you can use any Rest client (PostMan, ARC or whatever you like).

Scribe Concepts Online


Now we can check the Active accounts whether data has been inserted successfully

Scribe Concepts Online

It’s been inserted successfully in this way you can create another request – reply and other integration services.

Using dashboard we can manage all our integration services.


Scribe Concepts Online

Integration with scribe insight will be followed in next publish till than happy scribinng 🙂

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