Efficient Alternative to Multi Select Dropdown

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In one of my assignments, I was designing a form for Employee record who may know multiple languages (at least one as they all are human being 😛 ). I was searching multi-select drop down list but that needed programming.

I decided to create a checkbox for each field and then let the user select the applicable languages. So now it looks like this


Now I will explain how to achieve this.

#1. Create all the fields as display name and select Data type as Two Options and Save them.


#2. Add all the fields to form and double-click on each control to see the properties, and on the property screen, Go to Formatting tab and then to Control Formatting and select Checkbox.


And you will get the desired screen.

Discussion –

It will create one column for each field in the same entity table. If we go with multi-select drop down control, we need to consider it’s storing and then a relationship with the current entity and of course it may impact performance while fetching the values up for reporting or display.

Since in SQL Server, we can have maximum 1024 columns, it may have some restrictions if selection options are more than that, but I feel 1024 is a huge number.

From UI/UX point of view, you can see and verify all the options at a time, while that will be not the case with multi-select drop down.

In my opinion, check box has edge over its rival.

Happy Dynamics’ing !!!


    1. That is really Great Pavel. Now v9.0 also has the Multi-select option set but I feel your implementation is even better but still i need to try this.


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