SharePoint Online Integration with Dynamics CRM Online

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How to enable SharePoint Online Integration with Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft SharePoint let you store the documents in SharePoint online which also allows organizing and managing these documents from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It provides access, share and collaborate more effectively by enabling document management on the specific entities. You can protect your stored documents in SharePoint from unauthorized access or use.
Note – System Administrator security role or equivalent permissions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is required.

Here are some basic steps –
1. Enable Server Side Synchronization –
Dynamic 365 ==> Settings ==> Click Document Management


2. Get the Link of SharePoint-


3. Entered Link is Valid


4. Select the Entities/folders
This is the default selection of entities the first time you click Document Management Settings in the Document Management area are like
Account, Article, Lead, Opportunity, Product, Quote, Sales Literature


5. Folder Structure – To have the folders created under the parent account or contact, select the Based on entity check box. In the list next to the check box, choose Account or Contact.



6. Folder Structure is created based on the Entity selection


7. Upload the document from CRM
Select Sales ==> Account ==> Insurance ==> Upload the document



8. SharePoint Team Site




And that’s it!!!

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