Editable Grids in Dynamics 365 (CRM)

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In Dynamics CRM, when we open any view, it shows up as a read-only grid. If you need to make an even small change, you will have to visit the main form of that entity record.

… but good news, now you can do inline editing from any view itself. This feature is introduced from Dynamics 365. How to achieve this, step by step guidance is there.

I have My Active Accounts view here and I can’t do inline editing. 😦 1


Now go to Command Bar and Select Customize Entity, like this –


Now on Account Information Page, click tab Controls and from there hit the Add Control… link –


It will open this pop-up and now select the Editable Grid and hit Add button –


Configure the control for different platforms and you are done (Further property setup is out of scope to this)


Save the Publish the changes. On My Active Account view, if I double click any row item to edit it will open like this and also not the small Save button top right corner of the grid.



Hit Save (small button on the grid) and this is how it looks now with changed value.


Now, we can set from Command Bar What we want to see, like this  🙂 9

With this, we can reorder the columns as well, and it persists until you clear your cache. Yes, you can switch back to the Read-Only grid any time with default order of columns. 🙂 10

Happy Dynamics’ing !!!

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